Everybody has heard nightmares about purchasing a home for which for many this can be one the major purchases in a lifetime.  Having a good real estate agent is crucial to help assist in the home buying process especially if its your first time.  A good realtor will have the patience in educating in the process but foremost have the passion in helping you by getting to know your needs and wants. With that said my advice to you is the realtor really has to be present by listening to you and knowing  more about you.  We all have dealt with sales people who made us feel like they were just after the commission or sale.  This a cold and dry approach ever more prevalent and I can personally attest to that somber experience. A sound real estate agent will be present and caring about helping you out on every step of the buying process.  So an awesome realtor is of being of service first.  One of the biggest cues is if the agent is personable and knowledgeable in the process.  Anybody can smell a phony a mile away and establishing rapport from the inception is crucial. I for the most part know through the years of experience how a client's purchase of home is big decision in their lives so they want to feel acknowledged by being taken care of.  A diligent realtor will show you options so until you come across the home that "clicks".  This is the term I have coined over the years of experience to denote that this house that my client want to purchase.  I tell my to client as we go through the potential homes to notify me when the house "clicks" on them.  The house that "clicks" is the one you get a gut feeling that is one feels right and doesn't compare to the rest.  A typical timeframe of the buying process from were real agent makes an offer, get accepted and closes is about 5 to 6 weeks. I hope this information has given some clarity in buying process.